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Spring, Hope and Daffodils - By John Peralta

Every spring, a yellow flower called daffodil blooms to fill the season with hope. Fitting to represent the cancer societies, as an icon that is tied to the efforts of volunteers, researchers, and those who wanted to raise awareness about this important cause.

A burst of vibrant yellow and a spirit of togetherness took center stage in AKA Auckland campus to mark the beginning of spring. Organized by the dedicated students of the Diversional and Recreational Therapy programme of Kauri Academy, another epic whanau day was set to build up the spirits of everyone involved.

Laughter echoed through the hallways of our campus and smiles bloomed brighter than the daffodils themselves. It was a day when we took a moment to reflect on the profound impact of cancer research on countless lives. Join me as I recount the highlight of this wonderful celebration.

As is our cherished tradition, we began our whanau day with a heartfelt karakia, followed by a harmonious singing of the New Zealand National Anthem and the joyful performance of some beloved waiata. The participants, comprising of students from the diverse programmes of AKA education group, wholeheartedly joined our event. Prior to the commencement of the main activities, we took a moment to offer a brief presentation, allowing everyone to grasp the profound significance of our celebration.

Our participants were organized into five groups, each set to experience a unique journey within five distinct stations filled with informative and enjoyable activities. A card-making station, provided our participants with an array of simple art supplies and stationery materials, granting them the freedom to unleash their creativity and design cards intended for the NZ Cancer Society. The results of this activity exceeded all expectations. I had never imagined that the students of AKA education group possessed such a remarkable talent for artistic expression. Creations of awesome works of art with messages that overflowed with heartfelt words, adding depth and meaning to the activity.

Along with creative vibes, we also infused our celebration with a burst of physical energy through exciting game stations. Activities like the ball relay stood out as they fostered teamwork and collaboration among students. Mental intelligence put to the test with the Straw Word game. This intellectually stimulating challenge required participants to spell out given words using nothing but a straw to manipulate the letters on paper. It was both a demanding and moving experience, as participants pushed their boundaries to construct words that resonated with the importance of cancer research.

We also enjoyed the crowd favourite - Pictionary, this classic, modified, charade remains a timeless and engaging choice, particularly for an occasion like this. But our quest to ignite their intellect didn't stop there. We stoked the fires of their brainpower with a captivating team quiz, with questions revolving around the significance of Daffodil Day. What truly surprised us was the sheer competitiveness and camaraderie displayed by the students. Together, they not only aced these challenges but did so with a boundless sense of teamwork and enthusiasm.

It was a day of unity, reflection, and genuine gratitude for the dedicated champions in the field of cancer research. This event served as a touching reminder of the enduring power of compassion and collective effort. As the daffodils are the first flower of spring, bringing light after the cold, dark winter days and the hope of a new beginning, today we are reminded of Hope.

Check out some photos from the event or watch our reel.

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