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Rhythmic Cultural Rendezvous - A Vibrant Celebration of Unity - By Cheryll Lanuza

On November 8, 2023, our anticipation soared as we hosted a cultural celebration, warmly welcoming both new and returning students to our flourishing whanau. The honor of showcasing our talents to everyone fills us with pride, highlighting the unity and camaraderie that defines our community.

Early in the morning, the team diligently organized attendance sheets, stickers, and activity stubs, ensuring a smooth flow for the day. Gratitude to our diligent Class leaders led by our board, Rohit, Sheena and team who ensured meticulous planning. The Freeman's Bay Community Hall, with its expansive space, accommodated our 400-strong gathering.

Our program commenced with a heartfelt Karakia, the New Zealand anthem, and a waiata. Despite initial jitters, the strong sense of brotherhood on stage eased any anxieties. Opening ceremonies by Sheena and Varinder set the tone, and musical interludes by AJ and Alex captivated us. The "Find Your Partner Game" fostered connections among students, breaking the ice.

The cultural dances, representing the Philippines, India, and Iran, held profound significance as expressions of respect and understanding for diverse traditions. A Māori haka showcased our unity and pride. Inspiring words from mentors Sharon and Matt added depth to the event. We are honored of their presence a symbol of the strong support.

After the program, the audience spontaneously broke into an impromptu dance party, where we shared the joy of each other's company and celebrated cultural diversity through dance. The tutors and even the marketing and admin team, fully involved, turned the scene into a snapshot of one big, happy family.

I eagerly anticipate more adventures and experiences, grateful to be part of a group that fosters positivity in our learning environment. Let's continue to embrace warmth, health, and inclusivity as we embark on this journey together. Proudly spreading positivity, we look forward to what the future holds.

Here are some reels from the event, do check them out! Don't miss the photos below! :D

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