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#MentalHealthForAll | Movember: A Cool Look Back at Men’s Health Month - By Roseberry Lao

Rewind to November 2023, and you'll find AKA Education Group Auckland Campus buzzing with something pretty awesome – our own take on Movember! This wasn’t just about growing epic 'staches; it was our way of shining a light on serious stuff like men's mental health, suicide prevention, and fighting cancer.

So, picture this: It's Wednesday, November 15, and we’re all geared up to make a splash in men's health awareness. We had this cool line-up of activities that were not just about having fun (which we totally did), but also about getting the lowdown on men’s health.

First off, we kicked things off with our Karakia, followed by belting out the New Zealand National Anthem and a moving Waiata. Got to say, it set a pretty epic vibe for the day.

Then came the main event – four super cool activities that had everyone talking and learning. We had the CrossFit Challenge, which was all about getting everyone moving and showing how staying active is key. Next up, Kahoot! – a digital quiz game that turned out to be a hit, with everyone teaming up and diving into questions about men’s health.

Arts & Crafts was up next, and let me tell you, it was a blast. We all got creative, cutting out stars, drawing moustaches, and writing supportive messages. It was all about spreading positivity and good vibes.

The Posing Game (Yoga) was like the cherry on top. We had to strike yoga poses matching the ones on screen. Talk about a challenge, but it was hilarious and showed us how important it is to stay flexible, in more ways than one!

Behind the scenes, my buddy Rohit and I were like the traffic cops, making sure everything ran smooth. Big shoutout to our tutors Rhea and AJ, and all the amazing students from the Diversional and Recreational Therapy Programme who helped pull this off.

The day was a massive hit! We all left feeling pumped, more informed, and connected. It was a day full of laughs, learning, and some serious moves (both in yoga and Kahoot!).

Looking back, it’s clear how important it is to have these moments – to get together, have fun, and support each other. It was more than just a day; it was about taking a step towards breaking the silence around men’s health and making sure we’re all in this together. Here’s to making more moves and keeping the conversation going!

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