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Courage in Bloom: Keeping Hope Breast Cancer Awareness 2023 at AKA - By Sheena Bermisa

Each year on the month of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated internationally – A month to increase awareness of the disease, raise funds for research of its cause, treatment and cure.

It was a Wednesday the 11th of October when we celebrated the breast cancer awareness month at AKA Education Group Auckland Campus. The perfect way to show our support to all the woman who is going through breast cancer, and to raise awareness about breast cancer, to educate every student about its symptoms and prevention is by gathering the students to play different meaningful and educational activities.

It was with overflowing excitement to be leading the facilitation of the celebration of breast cancer awareness month at the campus, specially working alongside my bright classmate Varinder who has been hands on with most of the beautiful decorations around the campus. We have planned a total of 6 meaningful and fun activities for all the students and we couldn’t be more Grateful for our tutors Rhea and AJ who has been full on support with the plans that was made for that day and of course the Diversional and Recreational therapy students that made it all possible to make the day even more exciting, educational and fun!

Starting off by all the facilitators wearing pink shirts and dresses and pink ribbons to honour the survivors, to remember the ones whose passed and to support the progress of fighting the disease. Pink balloons were everywhere the campus, which resembles hope, love and faith.

We made sure that each and all students were able to show their support for the Breast Cancer survivors and the ones who are still fighting with our Arts and Crafts which was headed by my passionate classmates Cheryll, Rose and Maheep. By making pink origami paper hearts, all the students get to draw and write a letter inside the paper hearts with their thoughtful messages to the ones who’s going through breast cancer. An activity that provides emotionally stimulation for the students.

Bra Pong is one of the activities which is played Internationally on a breast cancer awareness month so we thought it will be a good idea for all the students at kauri academy Auckland campus to try and experience it, with a twist by adding a quiz a way for them the good to know information about this celebration. By throwing a ping pong ball inside the bra that is hanged and answering a question related to breast cancer. My classmates Jill, Daniela and Milet were the ones facilitated the game which made it more fun with their cheerful personalities.

The next game is called Pink Ball relay. This game has challenged the student physically as they have to pass a small ball to the next person me to the next with the use of a paper until they get to the goal. I must say this game has also thought them about working as a team as each class were divided in half to make it even more challenging, students have shown happy faces and shared laughs with this game.

The following game is flip the cup game. This game gives each player or student’s that no matter how hard it is to have the cup land as needed they still need to keep going to achieve their goal as a team. A game that awakens the hope for each and everyone.

The next game that was enjoyed by all the students is the tic tac toe, it was headed by my energetic classmates, Sam, Glenise, Jane and Sarmila. Two teams were divided on each group with a goal to score and win, with the use of a balloon that is shaped into ribbon and a circle. The viewers also enjoyed watching the game. It did catch everyone’s attention due to the excitement and laughs brought by the students and facilitator. Students had different strategy in winning the game and it was just fun to watch!

Last but not the least of course is the bean bag toss game, which was facilitated by the talented Anshu, Parmeet and Shane. The group were divided in to two teams. This game was loved and was truly meaningful as the students were given words related to breast cancer awareness and each student alternately had to complete the word by tossing the bag to the letters set on the floor. It has also shown team work on each side of the team!

Looking back on that day as I write this piece, I can remember how genuine all the students are at AKA Auckland Campus by them showing so much interest in learning and just them being present in the moment. It was an amazing day filled with joy, laughter, knowledge and fun for everyone

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