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Kauri is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered with NZQA and is a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. We are a proud part of the AKA Education Group. 

Kauri specialises in different aspects of the Healthcare industry. Our programmes are structured to give you the qualifications to reach your goals and become competent professionals in your industries. Guided by passion, excellence, and care, we provide only the highest standards of healthcare education and training.

You can choose from two centrally located campuses - Auckland and Christchurch. 

At Kauri, you will be welcomed into a diverse community driven by passion to educate as well as empower. 

Our faculty are experts in their respective fields. When you start your journey as a student - our highest priority is for you to graduate with relevant skills, knowledge and training you need. To ensure this - our programmes include work placement arranged with highly-regarded facilities where you will be able to gain practical experience and expand your professional network. 

About Us
Female Assistance


Disability Support.PNG

Disability Support (Level 3)


Pharmacy Introduction (Level 3)


Diversional Therapy & Community Health (Level 4)

Pharmacy Tech.jpg

Pharmacy Technician (Level 5)


We combine our extensive classroom training and rigorous assessments with various fun and enjoyable extracurricular activities. Modules are delivered in a manageable and well-paced manner that allow ample time for students to apply their skills in various work opportunities or take a break and enjoy Aotearoa (New Zealand).


Why study in New Zealand? New Zealand may be both the most exciting and the most relaxing setting for your studies.


World-class quality & opportunities


Stunning landscapes & thrilling adventures

Local Cafe

Excellent restaurants, bars and cafes

Colorful Flags

Multicultural, safe and welcoming

Study in New Zealand

Delivering quality education and training since 2010 to ensure the best outcomes for our students and industry partners.

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