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Finding Inspiration in Celebration of our Elder's Legacy - by Daniela Nicole Puga Cerda

World Senior Citizens’ Day celebration was led by the wonderful Analyn and former student ambassador, Kevin. It is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our senior citizens for their services, accomplishments, and contribution to our society. Senior Citizens’ Day is a special occasion that fills the heart with great joy. It is a celebration that honors the wisdom, strength, and compassion of our beloved seniors. Prompts us to cherish the incredible moments shared with our elders, providing us with an opportunity to express appreciation for their inspiration and spirit. A day filled with heartfelt laughter, gentle hugs, and heartwarming stories, creating an atmosphere of love and reverence. So much love and thought were put into the activities for this Wednesday facilitation.

Our participants were organized into five groups, each set to experience a unique journey within five distinct stations filled with informative and enjoyable activities; such as the classic game of charades, arts and craft, picture bingo, target shoot, Kahoot (my specialty). Charades is an incredibly enjoyable and engaging game that never fails to bring laughter and excitement to any gathering. It is a game that transcends language barriers and brings people of all ages together in a shared moment of amusement. The hilarious attempts to convey messages through exaggerated movements, impromptu miming, and sometimes, comical misinterpretations, create a light-hearted atmosphere that fosters camaraderie and laughter.

Picture Bingo is like regular Bingo but with Pictures. Each person has a Grid with pictures and the Facilitators of the activity call out and show the picture. If the players fill out their sheet, they can call out BINGO! The winners of Bingo get their photos taken and put into the Board of fame!

Arts and Craft: Making Tulips

The Arts and Craft team really put out their best work on these beautiful tulips. They demonstrated how to make the Tulips with such ease and Grace. Once the students left the Arts and Craft room everyone was flaunting their Tulips, taking pictures of their Tulips, and even posting them on social media! The Arts and Craft team did an amazing job and should be enormously proud of their Tulips.

Target Shoot

Target shoot, a simple game to play to bring out the competitiveness of the students. Players need to take their place behind the line and aim for the five plastic bowling pins to try and knock them down. My goodness they were so loud! Everyone was excited and shouting for their teammates I could hear them through next door! The facilitators stepped up and hyped the crowd!


Kahoot is an online quiz that the facilitator must prepare beforehand with thought-provoking questions for the player to answer. Kahoot players were separated into groups of five and must work together to answer questions about the past. Each group had to produce an appropriate Group name for their Teams, one of my favourite Team names was Eagles. Students were eager to have their team name up on the leader board. The winners of the Kahoot got a high-five from yours truly as a prize.

A shoutout to all the traffic control people who managed the crowd and kept everyone on time.

I hope everyone that day went home and called their grandparents to wish them a warm Senior Citizens’ Day or did something to appreciate Elders. I know I did!

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