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The Kauri Learning Experience
Our Philosophy

Our vision is to provide a high quality of education for our students. We want them to have all the training and tools they need to learn and be better in their chosen subject. We believe that the best way for students to truly learn is for them to enjoy studying.

Kauri Academy NZ is more than an institution of classrooms & teachers. We are a supportive environment where you can meet new friends and learn new things. We deliver rigorous lessons, robust testing and recognised qualifications. But more than that, we give students a complete learning experience both inside the classroom with a professional teacher providing support and guidance as well as outside the classroom with fellow students and local Kiwis in the beautiful city that is Auckland.

High Standards of Quality in Education

Our programmes have been approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). We go beyond the high standards of quality we impose on ourselves and meet the strict requirements of industry regulators. As a result, you get a New Zealand Certificate, a recognized qualification that employers and institutions of higher learning can take as proof of higher learning.

Learning for the Future

We know how important it is for students to enjoy the time they spend with us in Kauri Academy. We also understand that the main reason you are studying is because you are thinking of your future.

Our programmes are possible pathways to finding work in New Zealand which may then open doors to gaining New Zealand residence.

Kauri Academy can refer you to immigration advisers should you require immigration advise and services.

Enjoying The Educational Experience

We want our students to have a truly enjoyable educational experience. That's why our programmes are designed with extra-curricular activities; educational activities outside the classroom. This enhances a student's learning experience through meaningful interaction with the vibrant Auckland community. A trip to the museum becomes a listening skills exercise. A marae visit becomes a way to understand the New Zealand culture.

Kauri Academy NZ also organizes optional educational tours to interesting events and destinations in and around Auckland. For a minimal cost to cover transportation and incidental expenses, students will have the opportunity to enjoy weekend markets, day tours and other unique experiences that immerse them in English-speaking situations and environments.

Living & Learning In Auckland

Auckland, with its famous harbour and thriving, cosmopolitan population, is the largest city in New Zealand. The city boasts of a diverse ethnic mix and is an English-speaking environment that can truly be supportive of students learning the English language.

Kauri Academy NZ is located in central Auckland and is easily accessible by all public transport services, including buses, trains and ferries. This central location provides excellent access to everything the city has to offer. You will be perfectly located to take advantage of Auckland’s highlights, cafes & restaurants of almost any specialization, state-of-the-art cinemas, special-interest stores, fashion boutiques and other city amenities.

Equipped For Learning

Kauri Academy strives to provide our students with the tools they need to learn well.

Computers with fast internet connection is available to students and can be used before and after school and at official school break times.

Students can also take advantage of the resource library with self-study materials as well as the student lounge. 

Our healthcare students also have a fully-equipped Healthcare Training Room that simulates a typical workplace environment. 

About Us
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About Kauri Academy
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The Kauri Learning Experience
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