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About Kauri Academy
Kauri Academy is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and is a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.
Level 6 and 7
3 City Road
Auckland Central 1010

Postal address
PO Box 8540
Symonds St.
Auckland 1150

Contact Details
+64 9 551 5289
+64 9 551 5290
Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00am to 3:00pm
Experience and Expertise In World-Class Education

Kauri Academy NZ is an international school whose expertise is based on the long heritage of PNTC Colleges Philippines (www.pntc.edu.ph). Established in 1994, PNTC has almost 20 years experience in tertiary education and a proven reputation for training thousands of quality workers in the global service industry.

It is this relationship that gives us a unique insight into education in the global setting, an understanding of education from the point of view of the international student.

We know the high standards required by the international community. We also realize that foreign students expect this quality of education to come with a truly memorable and enriching experience.

Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Healthcare Studies Department staff must be registered nurses, occupational therapists or hold an equivalent health care qualification, and must have knowledge of adult education. Healthcare Studies staff have extensive industry experience, which they will share with all healthcare students.

Academic Staff

The Academic Staff at Kauri Academy are employed for their expertise and commitment to providing an exceptional educational service. Each department is headed by industry-respected educators with years of experience.

Blanche Farmer - Academic Manager

Kavya Krishnan - Diversional Therapy Programme Leader

Vitaliy Churkin - Pharmacy Technician Programme Leader

Sarkkunan Viswanathan - Diploma in Health Programme Leader

Laetitia Olivier - DTCH Tutor

Shabari Brahmanlapally - PHT Tutor

Vimal Gangadharan - PHT/DTCH Tutor

Chintal Talreja - DipH/PHT Tutor

Administrative and Student Support Staff

The Kauri Academy Management Team is focused on providing the students the best possible educational experience. Members of the staff are professional and approachable, so if you need help with anything, just ask.

Our Student Support Officer will be available to provide help and support when you need it. If you have a problem and you are finding it difficult to explain that problem in English talk to the Student Support Officer. The Student Support Officer is only too happy to help.

Sonny Lu - Managing Director
Sonny is a director of PNTC Colleges in the Philippines. PNTC Colleges offers training programmes that produce some of the best workers in the global service industry. He is now responsible for leading PNTC’s expansion into international education in New Zealand.

Emmie Aban - Administrative Manager
Emmie is a seasoned school administrator both overseas and in NZ. She started her NZ career in 2008. Her vast experience in the education sector has fully equipped her to be adept with NZ standards, practices and legislation related to education.

Yvonne Willamson - Clinical Coordinator / Academic Administrator
Yvonne has an extensive background in Health – Diploma in Physiotherapy, Master of Public Health (AUT), experienced Health Research Surveyor for Ministry of Health projects, and Workplace Health Facilitator for Diabetes Projects Trust. Yvonne organises the clinical placements across all the programmes and supports academic administration.

Mike Lu - IT Administrator
Michael studied and taught Computer Network Engineering in New Zealand before working for Kauri Academy. He is both CompTIA and Microsoft certified.

About Us
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About Kauri Academy
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The Kauri Learning Experience
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Pastoral Care of International Students

New Zealand education providers have an important role in ensuring the well-being of their international students. The Code sets out the minimum standards of advice and care that are expected of education providers for international students. This ensures students coming from other countries to study in New Zealand are well informed, safe, and properly cared for.

Students and their families can expect education providers to:

  • provide clear, sufficient and accurate information so you can make informed choices about your education
  • give you clear, understandable information on your legal obligations and rights, including refund policies, and termination of your enrolment under any contracts you enter into with the provider
  • check that you have the prescribed insurance cover
  • provide a safe and supportive environment for study
  • as far as practicable, ensure you live in accommodation that is safe and appropriate
  • provide you with a comprehensive orientation programme to support you in your study and outline your obligations
  • monitor their agents to ensure they provide you with reliable information and advice about studying, working and living in New Zealand
  • ensure that the educational instruction on offer is appropriate for your expectations, English language proficiency, and academic capability
  • have proper policy and processes in place to safeguard students’ fees paid and be able to provide an appropriate refund if you withdraw or your course closes
  • ensure you have access to proper and fair procedures for dealing with grievances (concerns or complaints).

Full details of what is covered can be found in the Code itself. Click here for a copy of Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students 2016 in English or other languages.

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