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About Kauri Academy

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About Kauri Academy
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The Kauri Learning Experience
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Kauri Academy is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and is a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Level 2 and 3, PNTC Centre
82 Symonds Street
Auckland Central 1010

Postal address
PO Box 8540
Symonds St.
Auckland 1150

Contact Details
+64 9 53 KAURI
+64 9 53 (52874)

+64 9 551 5289

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00am to 3:00pm
Experience and Expertise In World-Class Education

Kauri Academy NZ is an international school whose expertise is based on the long heritage of PNTC Colleges Philippines ( Established in 1994, PNTC has almost 20 years experience in tertiary education and a proven reputation for training thousands of quality workers in the global service industry.

It is this relationship that gives us a unique insight into education in the global setting, an understanding of education from the point of view of the international student.

We know the high standards required by the international community. We also realize that foreign students expect this quality of education to come with a truly memorable and enriching experience.

Qualified and Experienced Tutors

English Department Tutors must hold an RSA/CELTA, CertTESOL or equivalent qualification. All our tutors are passionate about ESOL, have extensive knowledge of the subject and enjoy sharing this knowledge with the students at Kauri Academy.

Healthcare Studies Department staff must be registered nurses, occupational therapists or hold an equivalent health care qualification, and must have knowledge of adult education. Healthcare Studies staff have extensive industry experience, which they will share with all healthcare students.

Academic Staff

The Academic Staff at Kauri Academy are employed for their expertise and commitment to providing an exceptional educational service. Each department is headed by industry-respected educators with years of experience.

Marie Laycock Academic Manager & Healthcare Tutor
Marie is a very experienced health care educator with a unique level of expertise and a well-grounded insight to workplace realities that comes from practicing as a nurse and working in the tertiary education sector. She is a Registered General and Obstetrics Nurse from the Auckland School of Nursing and holds a National Certificate in Adult Education (Level 4), a National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (NCALE) Vocational Tutor/Lecturer and Workplace Trainer and a Certificate of Proficiency in Health Research (Level 7) from AUT.

Pat Bidois English Language Tutor
Pat has many qualifications in teaching, the latest being a Masters in Education. She is a trained NZ teacher with twenty years experience in the NZ state school system, and ten years in ESOL. Her interests include extensive reading and sports.

Laura Bosnich Healthcare Tutor
Laura is a Registered General and Obstetrics Nurse from the Auckland School of Nursing and also has a National Certificate in Adult Education (Level 4). Her clinical experience has centered mainly on Care of the Elderly, both in care facilities and the community. With good background experience and understanding of the realities within this sector Laura subsequently became a healthcare educator, which included teaching and workplace assessing Foundation Level to Level 5. Having lived in Tauranga for over twenty years Laura is now living in Auckland to be near family.

Matthew John Thorne English Language Tutor
Matthew is a proud Aucklander with excellent local knowledge that adds an extra dynamic to the classroom. He has experience teaching English in Brasil and Italy, CELTA, and six years of private tutoring practice. With hard-won fluency in Portuguese and Spanish, he has an insightful empathy with students learning a foreign language.

Changyi Bu English Language Tutor
Nono has qualifications of a Bachelor in Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching, and a MA in Applied Linguistics. She has six years experience teaching in China and Auckland. Nono enjoys travelling and singing as some of her interests.

Administrative and Student Support Staff

The Kauri Academy Management Team is focused on providing the students the best possible educational experience. Members of the staff are professional and approachable, so if you need help with anything, just ask.

Our Student Support Officer will be available to provide help and support when you need it. If you have a problem and you are finding it difficult to explain that problem in English talk to the Student Support Officer. The Student Support Officer is only too happy to help.

Sonny Lu, Managing Director
Sonny is a director of PNTC Colleges in the Philippines. PNTC Colleges offers training programmes that produce some of the best workers in the global service industry. He is now responsible for leading PNTC’s expansion into international education in New Zealand.

Bernard Bugay, Web Administrator & IT Support
Bernard has had 15 years of experience in information technology and web development working for various companies all over the world. His experience and expertise makes him a valuable contributor to the learning experience of the students of Kauri Academy.

Yolanda Alba, Business Development Officer
Originally from the Philippines, Yolanda has been living in New Zealand for around 30 years. Yoland first work with the USAID in the Philippines. She has been involved in marketing a business networking organisation for more than 7 years in New Zealand. She set up and ran a successful business for 13 years which she sold on in 2010. Yolanda enjoys playing tennis, travelling and watching foreign movies.

Anna Yang, Programme Support & Pastoral Care Staff
Anna was a student in our English programme before joining our team. She is originally from China and had worked for a major international company in China, the Ukraine and Russia. She speaks Chinese, English and Russian. Anna’s personality, communication skills as well as the experience she gained as a former international student in New Zealand helps her assist our students with their needs.

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